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August 2017 Update
It seems like a long long time since we last did an update, that's because it was. Its been a manically busy year and I've been to France twice since we last did an update. This year so far I have done another 2 painting holidays in England, one of which was in Goudhurst in Kent and one in Middleham in the Yorkshire Dales.


Just finished 4 days of courses at the home studios one of which was Northumberland Castles and the next one Boats and Harbours. The weather intervened on both of course but we did manage to get some time out doors. And here's one I did in Amble boatyard.


Im off to France new month again and then a new venue in Suffolk both 5 day courses and should be lovely painting holidays.

There has been a new addidtion to the family, in the form of Burt, who is Franks son. YOu can see from this photograph when we first got him just how much he has grown in his 4 months of being alive.

Also just about finished the next book which will be "The Complete Beginners Guide to Acrylics". Search Press are doling their business as we speak to get it all together. Here are a few shots of what its like putting a book together in the studios.

Also I have just recently started doing some stuff on the Hochanda Arts and Crafts Shopping Channel.

Bit of anew one for me, working with robotic cameras, Im used to having a film crew and apart from all this occasionally I have managed to do some painting for me as well.

August 2016 Update
As ever its been an exceptionally busy year and Ive been able to make the most of the outdoor painting in this lovely summer that we have had. I've already been to France twice this year and I'm going again in September with another group. I've also done a painting holiday in Goudhurst in Kent based at The Star and Eagle hotel. This was a raving success, lovely hotel, fabulous locations.

A couple of week ago I had a full workshop at the Paint Days Studios in Essex and as you will see from the photographs above it was fabulous weather, actually too hot, 34 degrees on location with watercolours!!! The painting to the right is the demo I did, it took about 20 minutes first thing in the morning.

Then again to France and this time Frank came too.


Also just in June I did the Patchings art festival , as usual this was just mega. Fabulous crowds, full demos even on teh day it rained they stood outside to watch. I love this show, best one of the year.

Also done a painting in North Yorkshire based in Middleham, a beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales. A bit hit and miss with the weather but we managed to pating everyday. Unfortunately I dont have many paintings to show because they kinda sold

Also between all this and doing art society demonstration and workshops up and down the country I did manage to have a few days at home as you will see form the two paintings below.

October Update
Just come back from another mammoth trip on the road Truro, Exeter, Gloucestershire, Wales and then pick up people and drive straight to France. We spent a week in the usual Chateaux and had a mixed bag of weather but managed to get outside to paint, so that's always good.


When I got back Frank was determined that I was never going to leave again.

The year doesn't show any sign of slowing down not until December in fact, but next week I am doing the WI annual conference I think this is the one that they booed Tony Blair off stage. Hopefully I will be more entertaining. 

September Update
I've just finished another Wooler holiday in our beautiful Northumberland. As ever the weather was kind to us and we were out everyday returning for afternoon tea in the garden attended by the every hopeful Frank (The Dog). Everyones painting improved in leaps and bounds and the non painting partners also had a wonderful time. The company, the food and accommodation were as good as we remembered from last year. All in all a great holiday.

June Update
3 weeks ago I was in France and I must say it was a bit of a walk after finding a car parking space but well worth it, what a view to paint on our day in Paris. We were lucky with the weather on this one too as we were able to paint outdoors everyday and I came back as red as a beetroot. Good group, good food and as ever the Chateaux was superb.

For some reason this years patching show was the best ever. They audiences were huge in my marquee, everyone of the 4 shows per day over the 4 days was packed with standing room only at the back. Brilliant crowds, good fun and I enjoyed what I do best, standing at the front and gobbing off.

Just spent 5 lovely days in Suffolk, with a smashing group based at the Sun Hotel in Dedham. We were really lucky with the weather painting outdoors all day everyday. Great to be painting again in Constable country. But the one of Pin Mill of boats must have also been painted a few times from this angle from another one of my heros, Edward Seago. Looking forward to next years holiday from this place again.

May Update
Bewdley and Tighnabruaich updates are available on the news page. Lots of photos to view and a quick writeup.

March 2015 Update
I cant believe its the middle of March already and so far the year has started off very busy and from now on just gets busier and busier.

I have just recently done some fabulous workshops for art societies and they have all been big ones. I have been up into the scottish borders to Galashields and also here's one from Essex and Whitely Bay. All of these have been particularly good fun with really good groups up for a laugh.

May 2015 Update
Did a cracking demo for Bewdley art soceity last week near Kidderminster it was in acrylics and I did 2 acrylics canvases in the two hour demo, it was a great audience plenty of laughs and everyone really enjoyed themselves including me and s did frank who came with me for this art society and everyone instantly fell in love with him. During the interval when everyone was buying from the shop amongst all the chaos Frank found himself a Wendy house to watch the proceedings from, all in all a splendid night.

Last month I did a 5 day tour on the Isle of Bute and Tighnabruaich these were all 2 day workshop and a demo and everything was in acrylics, acrylics seem to be very popular these days. As every the groups were fabulous, really nice people and up for a laugh. The hotels I stayed were fabulous with views like this from your hotel bedroom window you cant really fail to get inspiration.

November 2014 Update
Just recently completed my final foreign holiday of the year which was in Spain, not far from Valencia. Even though it was the middle of October the temperatures were enormous. Painting outdoors on location in 37 degree temperatures. Even so we had some fabulous locations and a really nice group of 10 people.



This was swiftly followed by a visit to the Scottish highlands, the Isle of Bute for 2 days. 2 different groups for 2 days of full workshops. Bute is absolutely stunning. I then caught a very small ferry which took 2 minutes and then drove round the headline to Tighnabruaich. The views from the hotel from this place are stunning and some of the paintings produced were excellent. Have a look at the following photos.

September 2014 Update
Just finished a fabulous painting holiday in Wooler, we hired the house for the week and what can I say everything about it was perfect, food, accommodation which was plush beyond belief. We were really lucky with the weather and had fabulous days to paint out on location everyday which was of course in the most beautiful countryside in Northumberland/ So successful in fact that I have already booked the place for next year.

I did a show the night before last at Biggleswade art society. It was a really good turnout, a good bunch of people and a real laugh. Id like to thank everybody for making me so welcome and turning out in mass.

August 2014 Update
Been to lots of places since my last update, Dedham is Suffolk which was lovely weather and we managed to paint outside in glorious sunshine everyday and capture some of the fabulous villages and countryside of suffolk. I have bee to France 3 times this year, again been really lucky with the weather. All in all its been a fabulous summer this year. Lets hope it holds out for my final one which is in Wooler, Northumberland next month.